The Streaming API for XML (StAX)

This is the homepage for the StAX Reference Implementation (RI). StAX is a standard XML processing API that allows you to stream XML data from and to your application. This StAX implementation is the standard pull parser implementation for JSR-173 specification.


  • 19-Jun-2006: 1.2 (final) released. It only contains just one more fix since 1.2rc2, but should serve as a reasonable baseline, due to numerous fixes since last stable release (1.1.2).
  • 13-Mar-2006: 1.2rc2 released: it contains numerous fixes, to resolve problems indicated by StaxTest unit tests. This release could become official 1.2 release if no critical issues are found.
  • 13-Mar-2006: Stax API 1.0.1 maintenance release: fixes one critical implementation problem in XMLInputFactory implementation detection ( that existed but missed stax impl entry threw NullPointerException). No changes to API or javadocs.

Features of StAX API:

  • The standard pull parser interface (included in JDK 1.6, downloadable separately for 1.4, 1.5)
  • Reader and Writer APIs: both with two levels, "raw" cursor access and object-based "event" access
  • Efficient XML access (especially using cursor API)
  • Gives application control over parsing: "reverse Hollywood": you can call us, instead of waiting us to call you

Features of the Reference Implementation:

  • Small memory footprint
  • Implementation of most core features: non-validating DTD-aware parser and serializer
  • Open Source (Apache License (AL) 2.0)

Development and Project Info

  • Download page contains current official releases (latest being 1.2)
  • Stax ToDo List
  • Browse SVN Code
  • ReadOnly SVN access is now available, just use cvs to get access

    svn co svn://
  • Developers should have ssh account and then do:
    svn co svn+ssh://

Reporting Issues

Other information

People involved in StAX


Chris Fry

Aleksander Slominski


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